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Court, Immigration, and Administrative Hearings

May 15 2020

Status of State Courts

Only a few state courthouses are open and you may only enter an open courthouse if you are

You can also file non-urgent court papers in lock boxes located in the lobbies of the operating Superior Court courthouses. Remember to include your contact information on all papers you put in the lock box. If you are submitting payment of a court fee payment or rent, use a check or money order and keep a record of the payment. 

Currently, the operating Superior Court courthouses are open for the above business Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Note: You do NOT need to visit a courthouse to apply for a Temporary Restraining Order or Civil Protection Order. Read this section to learn more about applying for one of these orders by email or fax

For all other family, housing (including evictions), small claims, and motor vehicle cases, please do not enter a courthouse. Instead, call the courthouse open in your area using the number listed on this document. You can also email questions to a Court Service Center staff person at

Is my hearing or trial still being held?
Hearings for restraining orders, protection orders, emergency Ex Parte motions (including motions in lockout cases and emergency temporary custody cases), and criminal arraignments for people in custody continue to be scheduled. Most other civil and criminal hearings and trials are not being held until further notice. 

  • No eviction hearings or trials are being held.
  • No eviction judgments (including default judgments) are being entered.
  • No previously issued eviction orders (called executions) can be served by state marshals until at least August 2, 2020.
  • No child support enforcement hearings are being held.

To check the status of your case, look up your case here.

I was served eviction court papers (called a summons and complaint) with an upcoming Return Date. Do I have to go to court?

No, you should not go to court to respond to these papers right now because the courts are only open for the emergency cases listed in the above bullet points. The courts will not allow you to enter to file your response to eviction papers. The courts have suspended the deadline to file your appearance for the duration of the public health emergency. You should plan to go to court to respond to eviction papers only after the governor declares that the public health emergency has ended, and the courts fully reopen. For more information about evictions during the COVID-19 crisis, read this article.

Note: Fines and fees for criminal and motor vehicle matters have been deferred until further notice, but all traffic tickets can still be paid online.
Read the Judicial Branch’s full notice on limiting entrance into state courthouses. Get more information about the Judicial Branch’s official COVID-19 updates.
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  • Status of our federal trial court (“U.S. District Court – District of Connecticut”): Beginning June 16, 2020, individual judges will determine, after giving due consideration to the public health risks presented by in-court appearances, whether it is in the interests of justice to hold any non-jury civil or criminal proceeding in the courtroom. A judge presiding over a case may decide to hold a proceeding in the courtroom, to hold the proceeding over video or telephone, or to hold a hybrid proceeding in which the number of persons in the courtroom is limited while other persons participate or observe remotely via video or telephone. Read more...

  • The Hartford Immigration Court will resume hearings in non-detained cases on Monday, June 29, 2020. For the foreseeable future, no master calendar hearings are going forward at this time. Merit cases that had already been scheduled for June 29 or later will be going forward as scheduled, unless attorneys and/or respondents have been notified otherwise. Hearings that had been postponed due to COVID-19 will be rescheduled, and hearing notices are being sent out to notify attorneys and respondents of the new hearing dates.

  • U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is preparing to reopen some domestic offices and to resume non-emergency public services on or after June 4. For the latest information on the status of individual offices, check their office closures page.

  • The Executive Office for Immigration: Get current info.

  • U.S. District Court: See the latest information on their website.


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