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Court, Immigration, and Administrative Hearings

December 14, 2020

Status of State Courts

Most state courthouses and clerk’s offices have re-opened to the public. Check this list to find out which courthouses are open. If you have questions about the status of your case or about visiting the court in person:

Note: If you get court papers such as a Summons or a Notice of Suit that instruct you to file an Appearance and Answer with the court, you should file these forms as soon as possible. As of September 20, the court can issue a default judgment against you. A default judgment means that you lost the case without a trial because you didn’t file your Appearance and Answer. If you get a default judgment in an eviction case, the judge can then issue an Execution, which is an order that allows a marshal to physically evict you from your home. Learn more about evictions during COVID-19 crisis.

  • You can get the forms online or at the clerk’s office at the courthouse listed on the Summons or Notice of Suit. If you go to the courthouse, you must wear a mask and avoid bringing children or other people with you.
  • You can get help with filling out the forms at the clerk’s office. The Court Service Centers are also accepting emails.

  • If you have an email address, you can also sign up for a Judicial Branch e-services account and file the forms online. Note that this option requires multiple steps. If you’d like to file online, call the court and follow the instructions to speak with a court staff person, or email a Court Service Center staff person at and ask them to explain how it works.

Note: If you have a remote hearing, call the clerk’s office and give them an email address where they can send you a link to your hearing. Do not assume that the hearing is not happening because the clerk’s office has not reached out to you. If you have questions about remote hearings, see this guide from the Judicial Branch.

Temporary Restraining Orders

You do not need to visit a courthouse to apply for a Temporary Restraining Order or Civil Protection Order. Learn more about applying for an order to protect you from abuse.

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Get more information about the Judicial Branch’s official COVID-19 updates.

  • Status of our federal trial court (“U.S. District Court – District of Connecticut”): Beginning June 16, 2020, individual judges will determine, after giving due consideration to the public health risks presented by in-court appearances, whether it is in the interests of justice to hold any non-jury civil or criminal proceeding in the courtroom. A judge presiding over a case may decide to hold a proceeding in the courtroom, to hold the proceeding over video or telephone, or to hold a hybrid proceeding in which the number of persons in the courtroom is limited while other persons participate or observe remotely via video or telephone. Read more...

  • The Hartford Immigration Court will resume hearings in non-detained cases on Monday, June 29, 2020. For the foreseeable future, no master calendar hearings are going forward at this time. Merit cases that had already been scheduled for June 29 or later will be going forward as scheduled, unless attorneys and/or respondents have been notified otherwise. Hearings that had been postponed due to COVID-19 will be rescheduled, and hearing notices are being sent out to notify attorneys and respondents of the new hearing dates.

  • U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is preparing to reopen some domestic offices and to resume non-emergency public services on or after June 4. For the latest information on the status of individual offices, check their office closures page.

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