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Appealing an Unemployment Decision to Superior Court

Welcome! If the Connecticut Department of Labor Board of Review made a decision about your unemployment case and you think their decision was wrong, this guide can help you appeal to Connecticut’s Superior Court.

Si la Junta de Revisión del Departamento del Trabajo de Connecticut tomó una decisión sobre su caso y cree que esa decisión fue equivocada, esta clase puede ayudarle a apelar a la Corte Superior de Connecticut.

Step 4: Ask the Board to make corrections

The fourth step is to tell the Board about the mistakes they made in your case and ask them to make corrections.

For each difference that you wrote down on your list, you will need to:

  • explain why a Finding of Fact is wrong.
  • write down the page numbers of the transcript that show that you are right.  
  • attach the pages of the transcript that prove what you are saying.

We have created a guided interview to help you write a document listing the mistakes, called a Motion to Correct Findings. We will ask you a few questions and create the document for you. Take the guided interview.

Step 3: Read the transcript

Step 5 - Ask the court to look at the Board’s decision

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