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More information about family law in Connecticut

A Brief Guide to Child Support Services in Connecticut

This pamphlet provides an overview of Connecticut’s child support services.

A Child Needs Emotional and Financial Support of Both Parents

A publication by the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch.

What Happens When You Go to Family Support Magistrate Court

This publication, by the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch, explains what to expect when you go to Family Support Magistrate Court. It answers common questions such as how to find the courtroom, how to act in court, what to bring with you, what to wear, what to do if you have a disability, and more.

Parenting Education Programs in Connecticut

If you are involved in a divorce, dissolution of a civil union, annulment, separation, custody or visitation case then you are required by law to participate in a parenting education program. This link provides a list of programs in the state along with costs, registration info, and instructions for participants.

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