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Statewide Legal Services of Connecticut is open to serve you! Call 1-800-453-3320 or apply for legal help online. Are you having difficulty getting or keeping your health care? Tell us your story.

About Legal Aid in Connecticut was created by several nonprofit legal services organizations whose shared mission is to improve the lives of Connecticut’s poorest citizens by providing free legal services to people with low income. This website, funded by the Connecticut Bar Foundation and the Legal Services Corporation, seeks to further the goal of equal access to justice by providing information and self-help materials on legal issues affecting people with low income.

How to Get Assistance: Generally, you should contact Statewide Legal Services first to find out if they qualify for services. The following people should call the legal services office closest to them:

For more information on which legal services program covers your area:
Map of general legal services in Connecticut
Map of elder law services in Connecticut

The legal services system includes the following five programs:

Statewide Legal Services
Statewide Legal Services (SLS)  is available by phone to clients throughout Connecticut. Generally SLS is the entry point for accessing legal assistance. SLS may provide advice over the phone, mail information, or refer clients to a legal services office or private attorney at no cost to the client. Call 1-800-453-3320 (toll free) or 860-344-0380 (central CT).

Connecticut Legal Services (CLS) provides legal representation to low-income persons throughout the state, except those living in the greater Hartford or New Haven areas.

Greater Hartford Legal Aid (GHLA) provides legal representation to low-income persons who live in the greater Hartford area. 

New Haven Legal Assistance Association (NHLAA) provides legal representation to low-income persons in the greater New Haven and lower Naugatuck Valley areas. 

La Red de Programas: Los programas de servicios legales en Connecticut son un grupo de organizaciones sin fines de lucro que proporcionan ayuda legal en asuntos civiles a personas de bajos ingresos. Los servicios son gratuitos. La elegibilidad depende del ingreso, el tamaño familiar, los recursos, y el asunto legal de que se trate.

Como Obtener Ayuda: Generalmente, los solicitantes deben primero llamar a los Servicios Legales de Estatales para averiguar si cualifican para los servicios. Llame al 1-800-453- o al 860-344-0380. Las siguientes personas deben llamar a la oficina de servicios legales más cercana:

El sistema de servicios legales incluye los siguientes cinco programas:

Servicios Legales de Estatales (SLS)
Servicios Legales de Estatales/Statewide Legal Services (SLS) está disponible para los clientes en todo el estado de Connecticut mediante el teléfono. Generalmente SLS es el punto de entrada para tener acceso a la ayuda legal. SLS puede proporcionar asesoría por telèfono, enviar información por correo, o referir clientes a una oficina de servicio legal o a un abogado privado sin costo alguno al cliente.

Servicios Legales de Connecticut (CLS)
Servicios Legales de Connecticut (CLS) ofrece representación legal a personas de bajos ingresos en todo el estado, excepto los que viven en las zonas de Hartford y New Haven.

Asistencia Legal del Condado de Hartford (GHLA)
GHLA prorciona representación legal a personas de bajos ingresos que viven en el condado de Hartford.

Asociación de Asistencia Legal de New Haven (NHLAA)
La Asociación Asistencia Legal de New Haven/New Haven Legal Assistance Association Inc. (LAA) proporciona servicios legales a personas de bajos ingresos en el condado de New Haven y la zona baja del Valle de Naugatuck.