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How to Clear Your Criminal Record


The Connecticut Department of Correction pardon application page has information about clearing your criminal record:

1. You could apply for an Absolute Pardon (also called an expungement) if it has been 3 years since your most recent misdemeanor conviction, or 5 years since your most recent felony. 

2. You can try to get a Certificate of Employability, which can help with getting a job or a license you need.

Also see the legal aid article, Is Your Criminal Record Keeping You From Working? for information about how to find a job with a criminal record, how to answer tough interview questions about your past, and more.

If you were arrested when you were under 18, you probably have a juvenile record. A juvenile record does not go away on its own. You are better off without one because having a record can make it hard to get a job, get into college or the military and even to rent an apartment. The good news is that most juvenile records can be erased. Visit ErasURecord to find out of you can erase your juvenile record.

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