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 landlord wants to come in my apartment

Can my landlord enter my apartment?

Your landlord cannot enter your apartment without your permission unless there is an emergency (such as leaking water) or you have been absent from your apartment for a period of time (for example, you were in the hospital).  You cannot refuse permission if the landlord has a good reason to go into your apartment and they

  • let you know in advance (in writing or by telling you);
  • want to go in at a reasonable time of day; and
  • need to go for repairs or an inspection, or to show the apartment to potential buyers, tenants, or contractors/workers.

Your landlord must never go into your apartment without your permission unless

  • there is a real emergency, like water leaking into the apartment below yours;
  • the landlord has a court order that says they can go in; or
  • you have abandoned the apartment and moved out.

Your landlord can never go into your apartment to harass or bother you. If this happens, call the police and file a complaint.

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