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Appealing an Unemployment Decision to Superior Court

Welcome! If the Connecticut Department of Labor Board of Review made a decision about your unemployment case and you think their decision was wrong, this guide can help you appeal to Connecticut’s Superior Court.

Si la Junta de Revisión del Departamento del Trabajo de Connecticut tomó una decisión sobre su caso y cree que esa decisión fue equivocada, esta clase puede ayudarle a apelar a la Corte Superior de Connecticut.

Can the court help me?

The court’s power to look at the Board’s decision in your unemployment case is limited. In our class, we will be talking about “findings of fact.” The “findings of fact” in a decision say what the Referee or the Board think really happened in your case, based on the information that was given to them. Here is what the court can and cannot do:

  • The court CAN look at the transcript and the records the Board sends to it.
  • The court CAN’T hold a new hearing, look at new documents, or listen to new witnesses. 
  • The court CAN correct a “finding of fact” in the Board’s decision if the finding is wrong—in other words, if the transcript or other records don’t back up the BOR's decision.
  • The court CAN’T correct any facts about who was more believable, or whose evidence was stronger.
  • The court CAN overturn the board’s decision or send the case back for another hearing. But the court would only do that if:
    • there was NO evidence to support the board’s decision,
    • the board was completely wrong about the law, or,
    • the board’s actions were unreasonable, illegal, or abusive.

In other words, the board’s decision must be REALLY wrong before the court can change it.

Am I ready to ask the Superior Court to look at my unemployment case?

Step 1: Tell the Board of Review you don’t agree with their decision

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