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Appealing an Unemployment Decision to Superior Court

Welcome! If the Connecticut Department of Labor Board of Review made a decision about your unemployment case and you think their decision was wrong, this guide can help you appeal to Connecticut’s Superior Court.

Si la Junta de Revisión del Departamento del Trabajo de Connecticut tomó una decisión sobre su caso y cree que esa decisión fue equivocada, esta clase puede ayudarle a apelar a la Corte Superior de Connecticut.

Step 2: Get the written record of your Appeals Referee Hearing

Sample of the noticeDid you get a notice that looks like this?

This notice tells you that the Board got your appeal from Step 1 and that they sent it to the court. You can tell which courthouse has your case by looking at the notice. Look for the words “Judicial district” on the sample form.

As soon as you get the notice, you must ask the Board of Review for a copy of the written record, or transcript, of your Appeals Referee Hearing. There is no time limit for asking for the transcript, but the longer you wait, the longer your case will take. If too much time goes by and you don’t take any further steps, the court may dismiss your appeal.

We have created a guided interview to help you write the request for the transcript, which is called a Motion for TranscriptTake the guided interview now.

You must give copies of the Motion to the court that has your case and to the other parties in your case (usually your employer).   The notice from the Board will tell you which court has your case and the address of your employer. You can look up the address of the court at the State of CT Judicial Branch website.

Remember to always keep a copy of your paperwork for your records.

When you get something from the Board saying the transcript is ready (see a sample here), you can get a copy of it by calling the Board of Review at 860-566-3045.

You will have to pay $0.25 per page.  If you cannot afford the copying fee, ask the Board of Review if they will give you a free copy of the transcript.  Tell them that you have low income.  Tell them about:

  • your income,
  • the bills you have to pay (your expenses), and
  • the number of children you have.

Step 1: Tell the Board of Review you don’t agree with their decision

Step 3: Read the transcript

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