Bankruptcy and Collections

Are you having trouble paying your bills? Bankruptcy is a legal way to get rid of certain debts and give you a fresh start.  But some people may not need to file bankruptcy - read this article to learn more.
If you are behind in paying your bills, someone will probably contact you to collect the money you owe. You might owe money on a car loan, credit card accounts, medical bills, utility bills, home mortgage and others.
Are you worried about utility shut-offs? Help is available for families with low and slightly higher income. Call 2-1-1 to see if you can get help, even if you don’t think your income is low enough.
Are you having trouble paying your bills? You might think that bankruptcy is the answer to your problems. But, whether you need it and how much it can help you depends on your situation. For some people it is the best choice, but for many others, it is not.
You have a right to live in housing that is safe, decent, and has utilities that work. Landlords must provide working equipment for utilities including heating, electricity, plumbing, and both hot and cold running water.
Is money being taken out of your pay because you owe money? A wage attachment is a court order that forces your employer to take money from your paycheck to pay the debt. Read this to learn: when that can happen, how much they can take, what you can do if you can’t afford it, and more.
Apply for a pro bono bankruptcy attorney in New Haven or Bridgeport. Official U.S. Bankruptcy Court forms.