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Tax Relief for Homeowners

Tax Relief

The following Tax Relief Programs for Homeowners are administered by the Office of Policy and Management in Connecticut. Click on each title below to find out more information.

Disabled Tax Relief Program - $1,000 property tax exemption for permanently and totally disabled.

Circuit Breaker – Homeowners’ Elderly/Disabled Circuit Breaker Tax Relief Program – property tax credit for owners who are elderly or disabled and meet certain income limits. The maximum credit is $1,000 for single persons and $1,250 for married couples. Applications must be submitted between Feb. 1st and May 15th at the local tax assessor’s office.

Freeze – Homeowner’s Elderly/Disabled Freeze Tax Relief Program – no new applicants for this program have been considered since 1978 that froze tax rates on elderly property owners whose income is no more than $6,000/year.

Veterans’ Additional Exemption Tax Relief Program

  • $1,000 property tax exemption for honorably discharged
  • Veterans who actively served 90 days or more during war.
  • There is an additional exemption for low-income veterans.

Get Help From Legal Aid

Age 60+: Get help from legal aid.
Under age 60: Find legal help or apply online.
Not from Connecticut? Find help in another state.