Health Care

Can’t afford to pay for health care? You might be able to get help from Medicaid. It is free for some people with very low income. If your income is too high, you may be able to get Medicaid after you spend some of your money. (Also known as a Medicaid “spend-down.”) This article also tells about...
Are you worried about paying for a very long stay in a nursing home? Medicaid is a federal health insurance program that might help pay for your care. Read this to find out who can get Medicaid, what it pays for, how to apply, what happens to your wife or husband who still lives at home, and more.
This workbook was developed by the Connecticut Legal Rights Project to help you prepare a legal document called an advance directive. An advance directive allows you to influence your health care treatment when you are unable to do so.
This article explains what SSI is, whether household income matters in SSI, and more.
Facts About Medicaid Medicaid, also known as Title 19, can pay for health care for low income Connecticut residents who are:  receiving State Supplement benefits  disabled or legally blind  65 years old or more  a...
This page tells you the steps you must take the change the gender marker on your birth certificate in Connecticut.
Applications may be obtained from, and filed with the local Area Agency on Aging.For more information or an application form, call 1-800-994-9422.