TFA is Temporary Family Assistance. It’s usually called "welfare" or "state." TFA is Connecticut’s cash assistance program for low-income parents, including teenage parents, and their children.
If your family has very LOW or NO income or you have a disability and can’t work, you may be able to get cash assistance from the State. Read this to learn: who can get it; how to apply; how much you could get; what you can do if they want to stop your assistance; and more.
Need help paying your bills? Find out about programs that can provide cash, food, housing, medical care, child care, energy assistance, and more. Wonder if your kids have to change schools because you’re homeless? This article gives information for people with –or without– kids, veterans, those...
The Supplemental Nutrition Assitance Program (SNAP), formerly known as the Food Stamp Program, is a nutrition program that helps low-income individuals and families buy food.
This benefits survey will help you determine if you could get help to pay for things like food, health insurance, and child care.
The ABC Calculator was created to help people in Connecticut find out what State and Federal programs they may be eligible for. You will anonymously answer a few questions about yourself and anyone who lives with you. Then the ABC...