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Sexual Harassment and Housing


Have you experienced unwanted touching, unwanted sexual advances, sexual jokes, comments, or gestures in your rental housing? Fair housing laws may help you.

Pamphlet illustrationKnow Your Rights: Sexual Harassment and Housing
By: The National Housing Law Project

If you are sexually harassed...

It is illegal for a landlord or someone who works for your landlord to ask you for sexual favors in exchange for renting an apartment, renewing your lease, repairs, or anything else related to renting.

Learn more about sexual harassment and housing from the Connecticut CHRO. If you feel you have been treated unfairly, contact their Housing Discrimination Unit.

¿Ha sufrido manoseo no deseado, avances sexuales no deseados, bromas, comentarios o gestos sexuales en la vivienda de alquiler? Las leyes de vivienda justa pueden ayudarlo.

By: The National Housing Law Project

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Get Help From Legal Aid

Age 60+: Get help from legal aid.
Under age 60: Find legal help or apply online.
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